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 01/16   Morningstar's influence on style returnsMarkets 
 01/10   Dividends power the wealth effectDividends 
 01/10   Capital gains planning to save taxTaxes 
 01/03   CPP premiums go upTaxes 
 12/19   The Tesla bubbleMarkets 
 12/19   Simple fix for those facing CERB repaymentsTaxes 
 12/12   The imposterCrime 

Frugal News

Morningstar's influence on style returns
01/16/21   7:58 PM ESTMarkets
"But with the introduction of the style box, Morningstar at least managed to reduce the amount of flows chasing past performance. And this apparently also influenced style returns. If investors put a lot of funds to work in funds that had strong performance in the past, they create a herding effect that perpetuates the price momentum of past winners."
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A generational moment

Dividends power the wealth effect
01/10/21   8:50 PM ESTDividends
"if politicians sought to exploit the wealth effect the data would suggest that they encourage firms to increase their dividend distributions as much as possible."
More Dividends: A good source of income
Dividends and inflation

Capital gains planning to save tax
01/10/21   8:32 PM ESTTaxes
"There's a difference between good tax planning, and tax evasion. Claiming your parrot as a dependant won't work, unfortunately. The good news? There are some legitimate planning ideas you might want to consider in the short term. Today, I want to talk about capital gains."
More Taxes: CPP premiums go up
Simple fix for those facing CERB repayments

CPP premiums go up
01/03/21   7:47 PM ESTTaxes
"For next year, the earnings ceiling, known as the yearly maximum pensionable earnings or YMPE, was supposed to be $60,200, an increase of $1,500 from the 2020 limit. But the actual amount is going to be higher at $61,600."
More Taxes: Simple fix for those facing CERB repayments
Relief for RDSP holders

The Tesla bubble
12/19/20   7:17 PM ESTMarkets
"Tesla is entering the S&P 500 with a stupendously high valuation and will likely be ranked sixth in the index. Traditional cap-weighted indices, such as the S&P 500, are structured to buy high and sell low - and Tesla is a prime example of this maxim."
More Markets: FATMAN-G
Estimating future stock returns

Simple fix for those facing CERB repayments
12/19/20   6:36 PM ESTTaxes
"Self-employed CERB recipients who have filed their 2019 taxes should be able to easily amend their return by filing a T1-ADJ form on which they can reduce the expenses they claimed so that their net income rises above the $5,000 eligibility threshold, Rotfleisch says."
More Taxes: Relief for RDSP holders
A work-from-home tax

The imposter
12/12/20   9:53 PM ESTCrime
"Shaun MacDonald was an ambitious tech innovator whose start-up was going to revolutionize the crypto economy. His wealthy investors had no idea that their charismatic founder was really Boaz Manor, a notorious Canadian white-collar criminal. It was only a matter of time before they discovered the truth"
More Crime: Playing dirty
The wildest insurance fraud scheme

Relief for RDSP holders
12/05/20   8:28 PM ESTTaxes
"The federal government has affirmed its timeline for removing the limitation on the period that a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) may remain open after a beneficiary becomes ineligible for the disability tax credit (DTC)."
More Taxes: A work-from-home tax
Moving in a canoe

Day traders lose money
11/22/20   7:46 PM ESTMarkets
"Large increases in Robinhood users are often accompanied by large price spikes and are followed by reliably negative returns."
More Markets: Great company, wrong price
The dead versus the living

Homes in a bubble
11/14/20   7:24 PM ESTReal Estate
"The bad news is all previous history came at higher mortgage rates. The average 30-year fixed mortgage rate fell below 3% for the first time in August 2020, and rates are close to the lowest possible levels given the credit risk and costs of writing mortgages. It's one thing to be a peak valuation, it's another to be at peak valuation with no discernable upside."
More Real Estate: Workers cannot afford rent
Property ladders

A work-from-home tax
11/14/20   6:16 PM ESTTaxes
"One economist thinks there are negative externalities and even net costs to the individual in working from home; the other thinks it is an inarguable optimum"
More Taxes: Moving in a canoe
Tax-loss harvesting alpha

ETF pairs for tax-loss selling
11/08/20   1:19 PM ESTIndexing
"A quick recap: effective tax-loss harvesting with ETFs involves selling a fund to realize a capital loss and immediately replacing it with a similar fund that would not be considered 'identical property.' According to the Canada Revenue Agency, two index ETFs are identical property if they track the same benchmark."
More Indexing: Look under the hood
Index Investors in the pandemic

Look under the hood
11/01/20   5:26 PM ESTIndexing
"Because of S&P's discretionary power, some stocks aren't included in any of those three indexes. One such stock: Tesla, which has been left out in the cold. The index committee won't let it into the large-cap index. But because of its size, it isn't eligible for the mid-cap or small-cap index, either."
More Indexing: Index Investors in the pandemic
Weaponized indifference

Hidden world of failure
10/24/20   4:27 PM ESTWorld
"This hidden world of failure helps to create a deeply flawed understanding of the universe. By not seeing failure, we misunderstand the elements of success."
More World: Overnight tragedies
Canned tuna got canned

10/18/20   2:56 PM ESTRetirement
"While I continue to invest for a retirement that grows ever closer, I am no longer focused on trying to increase my net worth. There is nothing more I want."
More Retirement: The 5% Rule?
The F-150 retirement crisis

Hyperinflation and me
10/11/20   6:33 PM ESTMarkets
"October 1993 brought the now-infamous 500 billion dinar note. I remember my father reporting this note with 11 zeros was worth 'roughly one cabbage' at the time of issue. The data seem to back this up. By 31 December 1993, one US dollar was worth 1,775,998,646,615 Yugoslavian dinars. At that rate, the dinar was no longer useful as a medium of exchange."
More Markets: The stock-market disconnect
Expected 10-year returns

Stealthy government debt liquidation
10/03/20   12:27 PM ESTBonds
"Debt is not necessarily a bad thing: it might help governments smooth consumption, finance projects that require lumpy initial cash outflows, or help supplement demand gaps during recessions/depressions, etc. However, overwhelming debt is an issue because you can run into financial distress and bankruptcy predicaments. Governments eventually realize they are going bankrupt and devise schemes and methods to liquidate the government debt."
More Bonds: Government bonds are duds
Moar Income

Playing dirty
09/26/20   4:28 PM ESTCrime
"You would imagine that one of the best players you've ever seen in your life would have no issues saying, Let's play then. I can't really figure out an answer to why he won't do that."
More Crime: The wildest insurance fraud scheme
Fire and fraud

Index Investors in the pandemic
09/06/20   6:59 PM ESTIndexing
"Less than one half of one percent of Vanguard Investors moved to cash - thats less than 0.50%. This is at a time when the unemployment rate spiked up towards 30% and nearly 40 million people lost their jobs."
More Indexing: Weaponized indifference
Vanguard investors holding steady

The wildest insurance fraud scheme
08/30/20   7:18 PM ESTCrime
"Over a decade, Theodore Robert Wright III destroyed cars, yachts, and planes. That was only the half of it."
More Crime: Fire and fraud
Why did Enloe State Bank fail?

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