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 10/11   Vanguard makes its moveIndexing 
 10/04   Budget-friendly entertainment ideasThrift 
 10/03   Prudence penalisedThrift 
 09/26   The Secret Goldman Sachs tapesGovernment 
 09/26   The Secret Recordings of Carmen SegarraGovernment 
 09/13   There's no shame in migrating to index fundsStingy Investing 

Frugal News

Vanguard makes its move
10/11/14   5:52 PM ESTIndexing
"You knew it was coming: Vanguard Canada has dramatically reduced the fees on 11 of its ETFs. The announcement came this week, and it affects some of the most popular funds in the Vanguard lineup"
More Indexing: The growing case against ETFs
Why do ridiculous portfolios outperform?

Budget-friendly entertainment ideas
10/04/14   12:29 PM ESTThrift
"Yes, retirement can be expensive if you insist on multiple residences, luxury vehicles and frequent exotic locations. On the other hand, you can get by on a lot less and as the old saying has it, the best things in life are free."
More Thrift: Prudence penalised
The importance of being solvent

Prudence penalised
10/03/14   8:58 PM ESTThrift
"The reluctance of workers to save for their old age is usually put down to inertia or impatience - being unable to defer gratification to the distant future. In fact, it may be a rational decision in the face of high charges, confusing products and poor returns."
More Thrift: The importance of being solvent
Tiny houses for economic freedom

The Secret Goldman Sachs tapes
09/26/14   9:45 PM ESTGovernment
"The Fed failed to regulate the banks because it did not encourage its employees to ask questions, to speak their minds or to point out problems. Just the opposite: The Fed encourages its employees to keep their heads down, to obey their managers and to appease the banks. That is, bank regulators failed to do their jobs properly not because they lacked the tools but because they were discouraged from using them."
More Government: The Secret Recordings of Carmen Segarra
The criminalisation of business

The Secret Recordings of Carmen Segarra
09/26/14   9:44 PM ESTGovernment
"An unprecedented look inside one of the most powerful, secretive institutions in the country. The NY Federal Reserve is supposed to monitor big banks. But when Carmen Segarra was hired, what she witnessed inside the Fed was so alarming that she got a tiny recorder and started secretly taping."
More Government: The criminalisation of business
Addicted to zero

There's no shame in migrating to index funds
09/13/14   9:30 AM ESTStingy Investing
"There is no shame in admitting that you're not the next Warren Buffett. The vast majority of investors aren't. Those who figure it out are likely to improve their returns dramatically by following simple low-cost mechanical methods such as investing in low-fee index funds."
More Stingy Investing: Retirement 100: Fall 2013
Dividend stocks with pep

The Peculiar Passivity of Active Management
08/29/14   8:57 PM ESTFunds
"If active stock-pickers are going to prove their worth, they'd better start getting a lot more active - not by trading more, but by looking different from the indexes they are trying to beat."
More Funds: The lure of hedge funds
Why investors lag funds

The criminalisation of business
08/29/14   8:48 PM ESTGovernment
"Companies must be punished when they do wrong, but the legal system has become an extortion racket."
More Government: Addicted to zero
Why was Canada exempt from the financial crisis?

Ways investors can avoid being duped
08/24/14   1:22 PM ESTCrime
"In the investment world, there is no way to avoid the occasional fraud. It is simply a numbers game. The more companies you evaluate, the more likely you are to encounter one. Moreover, it is usually difficult to detect which companies are fraudulent, as companies can have duplicitous management teams and aggressive financials without necessarily breaking the law."
More Crime: The FBI pump-and-dump scam
Cynk and short selling

Sell Oakville, buy Windsor
08/10/14   5:21 PM ESTReal Estate
"Investing strategist Dan Hallett has been saying this to friends of his lately: With an eye on retirement, sell your home in Oakville, about an hour's drive west of Toronto, and head another three hours west on Highway 401 to his own city of Windsor."
More Real Estate: Why Canada isn't immune
How much did your house cost?

Just visiting
08/10/14   5:12 PM ESTStingy Investing
"It's hard to visit cottage country without dreaming about buying a little slice of heaven. While owning a cottage has some obvious benefits, it tends to be a costly affair. Crunch the numbers and you'll likely discover the relative advantages of renting."
More Stingy Investing: Dirt-cheap value ETFs
Best by buyback yield

The importance of being solvent
07/19/14   5:24 PM EStThrift
"What is wealth? To me, it isn't a particular sum of money. Rather, it's the freedom to spend your days doing what you're passionate about and what you think is important."
More Thrift: Tiny houses for economic freedom
When the messenger is worth shooting

The FBI pump-and-dump scam
07/18/14   9:36 PM ESTCrime
"So the main lesson here is, if you want to run a pump-and-dump scam, the FBI is not a great partner. That or "just don't run a pump-and-dump scam," I guess, take your pick. There are other lessons, though. One is how strangely close this all was to being legal."
More Crime: Cynk and short selling
Stock promoters make inroads

Cynk and short selling
07/12/14   8:25 PM ESTCrime
"If you spot what you think is a penny stock pump-and-dump scam, don't short it! It might be a trap!"
More Crime: Stock promoters make inroads
Optimism and credibility of stock spam

Why Canada isn't immune
07/12/14   7:40 PM ESTReal Estate
"History has shown, time and again, that 'this time' is not different. We believe the same is true for the future of Canadian residential real estate."
More Real Estate: How much did your house cost?
Canada's mixed blessing

Tiny houses for economic freedom
07/12/14   7:33 PM ESTThrift
"The 57-year-old schoolteacher's tiny house near Providence, Rhode Island, cost $28,000 - a seventh of the median price of single-family residences in his state."
More Thrift: When the messenger is worth shooting
Our number-one tax shelter

Addicted to zero
07/05/14   9:13 PM ESTGovernment
"So tell me again why central bankers in North America feel they have to 'keep our economy going' by maintaining a zero-interest rate policy."
More Government: Why was Canada exempt from the financial crisis?
Flinty-eyed fiscal conservatives

Diversify with Warren Buffett
06/29/14   1:24 PM ESTStingy Investing
"Berkshire Hathaway represents an interesting option for cost-conscious investors who want to pick up a diversified collection of businesses in one handy package."
More Stingy Investing: Perils of too much information
How much can you safely withdraw?

06/14/14   11:47 PM ESTMarkets
"But diversification isn't all peaches and cream. There is such a thing as being overdiversified. Take an index fund. It owns tons of stocks that will stink over the next year. Apple last year is a great example. It was the biggest stock in the S&P 500 (and therefore most impactful on returns), and had a relatively weak year. Owning everything means you will always own certain types of stocks that tend to perform poorly."
More Markets: Does Academic Research Kill Returns?
Academic research and return predictability

Why was Canada exempt from the financial crisis?
05/25/14   7:21 PM ESTGovernment
"From its beginning, Canada's banking system was structured to be less vulnerable to shocks and thus did not give rise to the need for a central bank to achieve stability. By contrast, the Fed was created to offset vulnerabilities in the American banking system."
More Government: Flinty-eyed fiscal conservatives
When hedge funds lobby

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