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Median Mutual Fund MERs

The objective of Frugal Funds is to provide information to investors about low-fee mutual funds. It is natural to ask what constitutes, say, a high-fee fund? In an attempt to provide additional context for the Management Expense Ratios (MERs) indicated on our Frugal Funds list, we have used to obtain the following list of *median* MERs, grouped by asset class, for open-ended Canadian mutual funds. The figures presented here are current as of January 2003.

Fund CategoryMER
Canadian Equity Funds: 2.52%
U.S. Equity Funds: 2.61%
Int'l Equity Funds: 2.64%
Cdn. Dividend Funds: 1.96%
Mortgage Funds: 1.77%
Cdn. Balanced Funds: 2.35%
Cdn. Bond Funds: 1.64%
Cdn. Money Market: 0.93%
U.S. Money Market: 1.17%

(We have substituted U.S. Money Market for Foreign Money Market in the list above due to a lack of data.)

Carl Wolfe



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