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 01/18   Claiming a lossTaxes 
 01/12   Super savers, spend your moneyStingy Investing 
 01/03   Red tape is strangling good samaritansGovernment 
 01/03   Check out low-fee balanced fundsStingy Investing 
 12/21   Harsh debt dynamicsWorld 
 12/20   Give to charity and get backTaxes 

Frugal News

Claiming a loss
01/18/15   7:13 PM ESTTaxes
"It makes sense, then, to segregate any day trading activity (sometimes considered on income account) into a separate account from your buy-and-hold securities."
More Taxes: Give to charity and get back
TFSA loophole for the rich

Super savers, spend your money
01/12/15   10:32 AM ESTStingy Investing
"It's belt tightening time for those facing mountains of unpaid holiday bills. But MoneySense readers often suffer from the opposite problem. That is, they save too much. They're part of a merry band of frugal folk who have bulging banks accounts. Some of them even have more money than they're likely to spend in several lifetimes. The super savers should resolve to ramp up their spending."
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Periodic Table Update

Red tape is strangling good samaritans
01/03/15   11:24 PM ESTGovernment
"Regulations and rules are making it harder to do the right thing."
More Government: John Oliver: The Lottery
O Beholden Canada

Check out low-fee balanced funds
01/03/15   11:21 PM ESTStingy Investing
"If you're just getting into the markets then it's best to test the water by putting a small amount of money into a balanced fund. If the ride proves to be too wild then it's an easy matter to lean more heavily on bonds and GICs. Alternately, those who don't mind the ups and downs might tilt their portfolios a little more heavily to stocks. Either way, it's a valuable lesson to learn before putting a large amount of money at risk."
More Stingy Investing: Low oil prices could chill CWB
Time to snap up oil stocks?

Harsh debt dynamics
12/21/14   4:41 PM ESTWorld
"Whether the next governmet is a revamped coalition led by the current prime minister's New Democracy, or one led by Syriza, it will face the same, harsh debt dynamics."
More World: Canada finds oil route around Obama
The great Chinese exodus

Give to charity and get back
12/20/14   7:09 PM ESTTaxes
"The First-Time Donor's Super Credit (FDSC) makes it possible to donate a lot of money to charity - with a much lower overall cost."
More Taxes: TFSA loophole for the rich
Buffett's tax plan

Retail financial advice
12/06/14   6:25 PM ESTBrokers
"Using unique data on Canadian households, we assess the impact of financial advisors on their clients' portfolios. We find that advisors induce their clients to take more risk, thereby raising expected returns. On the other hand, we find limited evidence of customization: advisors direct clients into similar portfolios independent of their clients' risk preferences and stage in the life cycle. An advisor's own portfolio is a good predictor of the client's portfolio even after controlling for the client's characteristics. This one-size-fits-all advice does not come cheap. The average client pays more than 2.7% each year in fees and thus gives up all of the equity premium gained through increased risk-taking."
More Brokers: Financial advice for the not so rich
Norbert's gambit

Doubling down
11/23/14   6:32 PM ESTFunds
"With a sample from 1/1990 to 12/2013, the paper finds that a portfolio formed of the positions that fund managers add to after recent stock-level underperformance generates significant annualized risk-adjusted outperformance of between 5% to 15% (Table below shows the monthly performances). Double down portfolios perform best with around a 6 to 9 month holding period."
More Funds: Index-linked notes: buyer beware
Curiosity killed the copycat

TFSA loophole for the rich
11/23/14   6:29 PM ESTTaxes
"Loophole allows the rich to qualify for the GIS and reveals Canada's broken system"
More Taxes: Buffett's tax plan
Boost after-tax returns

John Oliver: The Lottery
11/15/14   8:48 PM ESTGovernment
"State lotteries claim to be good for education and the general wellbeing of citizens. But are they? (Spoiler alert: No.)" [video]
More Government: O Beholden Canada
The Secret Goldman Sachs tapes

Index-linked notes: buyer beware
11/08/14   5:52 PM ESTFunds
"I'm reminded of the knowledge gap every time I open the newspaper, or walk by a bank branch, and see an ad for an index-linked GIC. Despite intense industry criticism, these products remain in vogue and are heavily promoted by the banks."
More Funds: Curiosity killed the copycat
The Peculiar Passivity of Active Management

Watch for traps on high interest savings
11/08/14   5:49 PM ESTThrift
"Banks lure you with high rates on savings. But the fine-print conditions and transfer fees can offset the benefits of such deals."
More Thrift: Budget-friendly entertainment ideas
Prudence penalised

O Beholden Canada
10/26/14   4:02 PM ESTGovernment
"Call it Canada's summer of pension discontent. Governments throughout the country are grappling with as much as $300 billion in unfunded government-worker retirement debt. In a country of just 38.5 million people, that's a pension problem roughly equivalent to the one that California faces. And it's widely shared."
More Government: The Secret Goldman Sachs tapes
The Secret Recordings of Carmen Segarra

Curiosity killed the copycat
10/26/14   4:00 PM ESTFunds
"The funds that get copied, unsurprisingly, are typically those that have performed well in the past and are highly ranked by Morningstar. In the short term, the strategy appears to work; the copycats manage to improve their performance and the copied funds continue to do well. But over a longer period of four years or so, this effect disappears."
More Funds: The Peculiar Passivity of Active Management
The lure of hedge funds

Vanguard makes its move
10/11/14   5:52 PM ESTIndexing
"You knew it was coming: Vanguard Canada has dramatically reduced the fees on 11 of its ETFs. The announcement came this week, and it affects some of the most popular funds in the Vanguard lineup"
More Indexing: The growing case against ETFs
Why do ridiculous portfolios outperform?

Budget-friendly entertainment ideas
10/04/14   12:29 PM ESTThrift
"Yes, retirement can be expensive if you insist on multiple residences, luxury vehicles and frequent exotic locations. On the other hand, you can get by on a lot less and as the old saying has it, the best things in life are free."
More Thrift: Prudence penalised
The importance of being solvent

Prudence penalised
10/03/14   8:58 PM ESTThrift
"The reluctance of workers to save for their old age is usually put down to inertia or impatience - being unable to defer gratification to the distant future. In fact, it may be a rational decision in the face of high charges, confusing products and poor returns."
More Thrift: The importance of being solvent
Tiny houses for economic freedom

The Secret Goldman Sachs tapes
09/26/14   9:45 PM ESTGovernment
"The Fed failed to regulate the banks because it did not encourage its employees to ask questions, to speak their minds or to point out problems. Just the opposite: The Fed encourages its employees to keep their heads down, to obey their managers and to appease the banks. That is, bank regulators failed to do their jobs properly not because they lacked the tools but because they were discouraged from using them."
More Government: The Secret Recordings of Carmen Segarra
The criminalisation of business

The Secret Recordings of Carmen Segarra
09/26/14   9:44 PM ESTGovernment
"An unprecedented look inside one of the most powerful, secretive institutions in the country. The NY Federal Reserve is supposed to monitor big banks. But when Carmen Segarra was hired, what she witnessed inside the Fed was so alarming that she got a tiny recorder and started secretly taping."
More Government: The criminalisation of business
Addicted to zero

There's no shame in migrating to index funds
09/13/14   9:30 AM ESTStingy Investing
"There is no shame in admitting that you're not the next Warren Buffett. The vast majority of investors aren't. Those who figure it out are likely to improve their returns dramatically by following simple low-cost mechanical methods such as investing in low-fee index funds."
More Stingy Investing: Retirement 100: Fall 2013
Dividend stocks with pep

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