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 04/09   ETFs are the new bond kingsIndexing 
 03/26   The permanent portfolioIndexing 
 03/26   Latest crop of fixed-income ETFsIndexing 
 03/26   Pension crisisGovernment 
 03/26   O'Shaughnessy and O'ShaughnessyFunds 
 03/19   Best mutual fund disclosureZweig 

Frugal News

ETFs are the new bond kings
04/09/17   6:48 PM ESTIndexing
"Exchange-traded funds are transforming debt markets as big investors use them in ways considered crazy a few short years ago."
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Latest crop of fixed-income ETFs

The permanent portfolio
03/26/17   3:34 PM ESTIndexing
"The Permanent Portfolio strategy is about as promising as any that I have seen for preserving the value of assets through a wide number of macroeconomic scenarios. The volatility is low enough that almost anyone could maintain it. Finally, it's pretty simple. Makes me want to consider what sort of product could be made out of this."
More Indexing: Latest crop of fixed-income ETFs
The momentum index

Latest crop of fixed-income ETFs
03/26/17   3:22 PM ESTIndexing
"Another panel member, Mark Yamada, president of Toronto-based PUR Investing Inc. says Vanguard is mostly filling in gaps in their product lineup but there were a couple of surprises. While Vanguard is the acknowledged cost leader, at least one competitor has fixed-income ETFs with slightly lower fees."
More Indexing: The momentum index
Charley Ellis interview

Pension crisis
03/26/17   3:16 PM ESTGovernment
"The question is why haven't the headlines presaged pension implosions? As was the case with the subprime crisis, the writing appears to be on the wall. And yet calamity has yet to strike. How so? Call it the triumvirate of conspirators - the actuaries, accountants and their accomplices in office. Throw in the law of big numbers, very big numbers, and you get to a disaster in a seemingly permanent state of making. Unfunded pension obligations have risen to $1.9 trillion from $292 billion since 2007."
More Government: Of milk cows and moats
If you build it

O'Shaughnessy and O'Shaughnessy
03/26/17   3:13 PM ESTFunds
"My guest this week is my father, Jim O'Shaughnessy. He was a pioneer in quantitative equity research, part of an early group of explorers who combed through data to find factors which predicted future stock returns." [audio]
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Risky risk ratings

Best mutual fund disclosure
03/19/17   8:39 PM ESTZweig
"While the long-term bias in stock prices is upward, stocks enter a bear market with amazing regularity, about every 3 - 4 years. It goes with the territory. Expect it. Live with it. If you can't do that, go bury your money in a jar or put it in the bank and don't bother us about why your investment goes south sometimes or why water runs downhill."
More Zweig: A portrait of Jason Zweig
Jason Zweig interview

Capital gains tax is already unjust
03/19/17   8:35 PM ESTTaxes
"the current Liberal government's rumoured plan to increase the capital gains tax can be expected to hammer another nail in the coffin for Canadian investments, particularly at a time when our economic outlook is already relatively weak."
More Taxes: Tax court justice seen at KPMG-linked party
Dividend tax changes

Chuck Akre talks at Google
03/12/17   6:52 PM ESTValue Investing
"Chuck talks about compounders at Google."
More Value Investing: Klarman's letter
Factor investing art and science

Tax court justice seen at KPMG-linked party
03/12/17   6:45 PM ESTTaxes
"The Canadian Judicial Council began the review following the documentaries that showed two judges attending evening social events during a KPMG-sponsored tax conference in Madrid last fall. A third judge, the chief justice of the Tax Court of Canada, was revealed making a speech in which he promoted drinking alcohol with the tax industry."
More Taxes: Dividend tax changes
A taxing trend

DFA Funds and fees
03/12/17   6:44 PM ESTFunds
"DFA adviser fees in some cases all but erase their advantages"
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The three coolest studies of 2016

Dividend tax changes
03/12/17   6:42 PM ESTTaxes
"So when the budget comes down later this month, keep a close eye on tax brackets and on how capital gains and dividends may be taxed going forward. There has also been speculation about raising the capital gains inclusion rate from the current 50% to as high as 66.7% or even 75%."
More Taxes: A taxing trend
Trump's tax break

The latest investment scam
03/05/17   8:40 PM ESTCrime
"Canadian securities regulators have started a task force to raise awareness and protect Canadians from the latest investment scam, so-called binary options that can cost investors everything they have."
More Crime: The Pigeon King
Insider trading

A hard pill for savers to swallow
02/19/17   4:56 PM ESTStingy Investing
"There are no sure things in this world except death and taxes but, with a little luck, medical advances will allow death to take a long sabbatical. News on the tax front isn't as encouraging because rumours are rife that the upcoming federal budget will punch savers right in their portfolios." [$]
More Stingy Investing: The enemy of investment returns
The brain-bending world

The enemy of investment returns
02/19/17   4:52 PM ESTStingy Investing
"The Federal budget rumour mill is ramping up and word has it that savers will be asked to pay more. Some pundits think that the tax rate on capital gains will be kicked into overdrive this year. Problem is, taxes already cut deeply into investment returns."
More Stingy Investing: The brain-bending world
Doing better than you think

A taxing trend
02/12/17   4:41 PM ESTTaxes
"The odds of a federal budget that targets investors with higher taxes on capital gains or even dividends are rising."
More Taxes: Trump's tax break
Apple took tax game too far

The momentum index
01/28/17   3:21 PM ESTIndexing
"Momentum investors cut their losers and let their winners run. In a roundabout way, that's exactly what the stock market has done over time."
More Indexing: Charley Ellis interview
WealthTrack: Arnott interview

Charley Ellis interview
01/28/17   3:07 PM ESTIndexing
"Ellis explains that the best approach for most individual investors is a simple asset allocation composed primarily of low cost index funds."
More Indexing: WealthTrack: Arnott interview
Vanguard's Gerry O'Reilly and Jim Rowley

Fortress fails to silence critic
01/22/17   6:20 PM ESTReal Estate
"In 2011 the Ontario Securities Commission accused the pair, along with a third man, of engaging 'in conduct contrary to the public interest' by selling clients of their debt-management business shares of companies caught up in a B.C. stock scam. Petrozza and Rathore agreed to pay close to $3 million and were slapped with a 15-year ban on trading securities."
More Real Estate: Corruption in Canada
Lethargic Canadian economy

Risky risk ratings
01/15/17   4:44 PM ESTFunds
"Over the past two years, I tracked risk rating changes for nearly 100 unique mutual funds and ETFs. 77% of those funds saw risk ratings reduced despite the fact that we're nearly 8 years into one of the longest bull markets in history for stocks and bonds."
More Funds: The three coolest studies of 2016
Joel Greenblatt interview

Lessons from a short seller
01/02/17   1:12 PM ESTMarkets
"Wilson managed a hedge fund - Wilson & Associates - that he launched in the late 1960s. During his career, his fund generated annualized returns of about 30%. His net worth peaked at $800 million, most of which he donated to charity."
More Markets: Be wary of surrendering liquidity
Better bubble theory

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