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 03/28   A liberal heretic contradicts PikettyEconomics 
 03/20   How fees, taxes, and inflation impact returnsStingy Investing 
 03/20   Consistently beating the market is overratedStingy Investing 
 03/20   Advisors behaving badlyFunds 
 03/20   No, that's not the IRS calling. Just hang up.Crime 
 03/20   Problems with the DowStingy Investing 

Frugal News

A liberal heretic contradicts Piketty
03/28/15   7:10 PM ESTEconomics
"Despite Rose's pedigree and his meticulous, thoughtful studies pointing out that the supposed stasis in living standards for the poor and middle class doesn't hold up, a contrary narrative has taken root in the media and few dare to contradict it."
More Economics: Why the high street is overdosing on caffeine

How fees, taxes, and inflation impact returns
03/20/15   11:52 PM ESTStingy Investing
"It is vitally important for investors to reduce, where possible and legal, investment-related fees and taxes. Those who don't might wind up taking all the risk and getting very little in the way of real returns." [video]
More Stingy Investing: Consistently beating the market is overrated
Problems with the Dow

Consistently beating the market is overrated
03/20/15   11:51 PM ESTStingy Investing
"If some index fund proponents are to be believed, the only good active strategy is one that consistently outperforms the market. Or, at least, on some days it seems that way."
More Stingy Investing: Problems with the Dow
3 Stingy Stocks for 2015

Advisors behaving badly
03/20/15   11:49 PM ESTFunds
"Investors should similarly watch out for advisors changing firms or recommending moving portfolios to segregated funds or other DSC mutual funds that may trigger a new set of commissions. (New DSC purchases will also have you pay a fee to exit the funds within the next 6-7 years.)"
More Funds: Cliff Asness interview
No new bets in 80 years

No, that's not the IRS calling. Just hang up.
03/20/15   11:47 PM ESTCrime
"Phone calls by fraud artists posing as Internal Revenue Service employees and demanding money have surged in recent months"
More Crime: Ways investors can avoid being duped
The FBI pump-and-dump scam

Problems with the Dow
03/20/15   11:39 PM ESTStingy Investing
"My main beef isn't with Apple but with the Dow itself. While I don't want to see the average fade away entirely, it should be retired and replaced with a more diversified index such as the S&P 500 for most purposes."
More Stingy Investing: 3 Stingy Stocks for 2015
3 Graham Stocks for 2015

Sequoia Fund 2014 report
03/14/15   3:56 PM ESTValue Investing
"One reason we think the trend could have legs is that markets continue to grow more efficient. Our colleague Greg Alexander likes to say 'the Index is a lot better than it used to be.' U.S. corporate managements are generally competent and focused on creating shareholder value. There are not a lot of mutts left in the kennel, so to speak, so winning the dog show is harder."
More Value Investing: Tobias Carlisle interview
Piotroski Score Backtest Part 2

TFSA criticisms miss key points
03/14/15   3:45 PM ESTTaxes
"The TFSA isn't just a popular savings instrument among Canadians, especially for many middle-income Canadians facing retirement. It is also an economic tool, generating economic growth, jobs - and ultimately government revenues. Anyone examining the 'costs' of TFSAs must also look at the benefits."
More Taxes: Leave the TFSA alone
Claiming a loss

Leave the TFSA alone
03/07/15   7:26 PM ESTTaxes
"On the surface both reports appear to address the merits of doubling TFSA limits, but a closer reading suggests they are really criticizing the TFSA as we now know it"
More Taxes: Claiming a loss
Give to charity and get back

Hunting for value in the stock market
03/01/15   6:50 PM ESTStingy Investing
I was very pleased to give a talk to the friendly folk at a Canadian MoneySaver conference this weekend. Here's a copy of the slides that were used. (I'd also like to thank everyone who gave me feedback on them!)
More Stingy Investing: Learn from Buffett
Testing the Dogs of the TSX

Cliff Asness interview
03/01/15   6:47 PM ESTFunds
"In a far-ranging 90 minute conversation, we discuss everything from value to momentum to the small cap effect. We also discuss the Efficient Market Hypothesis, how and why markets can be irrational, and what it was like to be part of the Quant Flash Crash of 2007. If you are interested in what quants actually do, be sure to check out the podcast portion when its posted."
More Funds: No new bets in 80 years
Doubling down

No new bets in 80 years
03/01/15   6:45 PM ESTFunds
"Equity investors pursuing a buy-and-hold strategy might want to check out a fund that hasn't made an original stock market bet in 80 years. The Voya Corporate Leaders Trust Fund, now run by a unit of Voya Financial Inc bought equal amounts of stock in 30 major U.S. corporations in 1935 and hasn't picked a new stock since."
More Funds: Doubling down
Index-linked notes: buyer beware

Is it time to dump market-cap weighting?
02/20/15   9:16 PM ESTIndexing
"We are not trying to say market-capitalization indexing is a bad thing, it is better than many of the alternatives out there. The problem we often see, however, is that investors do not realize how big of an allocation Canadian markets have toward a few industries."
More Indexing: Misfit stocks
Vanguard makes its move

Misfit stocks
02/07/15   11:51 AM ESTIndexing
"These types of stocks have at least two advantages. First, well, they're neglected and underappreciated, which means investors have low expectations for them. Second, they often have depressed prices, which makes for a potentially favorable starting point."
More Indexing: Vanguard makes its move
The growing case against ETFs

Low-cost investing wins over the long-term
02/07/15   11:39 AM ESTStingy Investing
"The lesson here is that active investors should be mindful of the costs they face. I'm not saying they should give up on stock picking and buy indexes instead. (Mind you, that would be a good option for many investors.) I am saying that it's important for all investors to try to reduce investment fees and costs where possible."
More Stingy Investing: How Taxes Can Impact Your Investments
The Impact of Fund Fees on Long Term Returns

How Taxes Can Impact Your Investments
02/07/15   11:38 AM ESTStingy Investing
"Taxes can dramatically reduce your long-term returns. Learn what a 23% capital gains tax, levied annually, can do to stock market investors." [video]
More Stingy Investing: The Impact of Fund Fees on Long Term Returns
Asset Mixer Update

The Impact of Fund Fees on Long Term Returns
02/06/15   10:00 PM ESTStingy Investing
"A quick look at how much you give up by picking a high fee fund and holding it over the very long term." [video]
More Stingy Investing: Asset Mixer Update
Periodic Table Update

Claiming a loss
01/18/15   7:13 PM ESTTaxes
"It makes sense, then, to segregate any day trading activity (sometimes considered on income account) into a separate account from your buy-and-hold securities."
More Taxes: Give to charity and get back
TFSA loophole for the rich

Super savers, spend your money
01/12/15   10:32 AM ESTStingy Investing
"It's belt tightening time for those facing mountains of unpaid holiday bills. But MoneySense readers often suffer from the opposite problem. That is, they save too much. They're part of a merry band of frugal folk who have bulging banks accounts. Some of them even have more money than they're likely to spend in several lifetimes. The super savers should resolve to ramp up their spending."
More Stingy Investing: Asset Mixer Update
Periodic Table Update

Red tape is strangling good samaritans
01/03/15   11:24 PM ESTGovernment
"Regulations and rules are making it harder to do the right thing."
More Government: John Oliver: The Lottery
O Beholden Canada

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