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 11/15   Insider tradingCrime 
 11/15   Canadian pension plans the new speculatorsGovernment 
 11/07   No place for 1.75% trailer feesFunds 
 10/25   Buying begets buyingThrift 
 10/24   Beware phony CRA tax owing callsCrime 
 10/18   The ability to sufferStingy Investing 

Frugal News

Insider trading
11/15/15   6:57 PM ESTCrime
"The idea is that if you're an insider and you disclose information for your own personal benefit, or just trade on it yourself for profit, then that sure looks like a breach of duty to your company. But if you don't get a personal benefit from the disclosure, then odds are that you're doing it for some legitimate, or legitimate-ish, business reason. It might be a misguided business reason, or one that the company doesn't like -- in Dirks itself, the insider was disclosing fraud to an investment analyst -- but it's probably not the sort of corrupt breach of duty that the law punishes."
More Crime: Beware phony CRA tax owing calls
How I was almost suckered into a pyramid scheme

Canadian pension plans the new speculators
11/15/15   :6:52 PM ESTGovernment
"Leverage at Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan, widely known as HOOPP, now exceeds 100 percent of its net assets, leading to a more than doubling of the total assets at its disposal to invest. Ontario Teachers. Pension Plan, the nation's third largest, has leverage equal to half its net assets."
More Government: Taking on the drug profiteers
Mansion owners who plead poverty

No place for 1.75% trailer fees
11/07/15   11:00 PM ESTFunds
"In fact, some go as high as 1.75%, prompting some within the industry to wonder why regulators don't cap trailers - if not ban them outright."
More Funds: Alpha wounds
Advisors behaving badly

Buying begets buying
10/25/15   11:51 AM ESTThrift
"Buy less and instantly you have less to store; you use less space. Eventually you can work less to pay for all of this stuff. Soon you will stress less too and, above all, your life will involve less waste."
More Thrift: Buying organic is a waste of money
Why we hate cheap things

Beware phony CRA tax owing calls
10/24/15   4:18 PM ESTCrime
"The Canada Revenue Agency can be tough, but it won't call you to threaten court fines or arrest for tax evasion."
More Crime: How I was almost suckered into a pyramid scheme
No, that's not the IRS calling. Just hang up.

The ability to suffer
10/18/15   6:17 PM ESTStingy Investing
"The capacity to suffer for a good cause is admired in heroes. But it also happens to be a quality that money manager Thomas Russo, of Gardner Russo & Gardner, looks for when selecting stocks. He's a devotee of Warren Buffett and seeks out high-quality businesses - that can withstand a few sword fights - with the view to holding them for the long term." [$]
More Stingy Investing: Investing books to be thankful for
Style swapping

Buybacks and debt
10/10/15   5:39 PM ESTValue Investing
"The number one question I get about the shareholder yield factor is whether or not this debt-funding-buybacks is a big issue and something that should scare us. Asked differently, are companies that are taking on more debt to buy back shares ticking time bombs?"
More Value Investing: Thomas Russo on global value
Building optimal value portfolios

Taking on the drug profiteers
10/10/15   5:31 PM ESTGovernment
"The Turing scandal has shown just how vulnerable drug pricing is to exploitative, rent-seeking behavior. It's fair enough to excoriate Martin Shkreli for greed and indifference. The real problem, however, is not the man but the system that has let him thrive."
More Government: Mansion owners who plead poverty
OPEC of maple syrup

Style swapping
10/04/15   7:58 PM ESTStingy Investing
"It's been a hard year for Canadian value investors. Those who wisely steered clear of the resource sector might be down only a little bit. But others will have to do some belt tightening this Thanksgiving." [$]
More Stingy Investing: Can I have some more yield, please?
What's in it for your adviser?

How not to wipe out with momentum
10/03/15   5:34 PM ESTMomentum
"Front runners and high transaction costs, a function of the strategy's required high turnover, largely destroy the potential benefits of a momentum-based passive portfolio."
More Momentum: Two ways to improve momentum
Momentum investing shouldn't work

The active share debate
10/03/15   5:33 PM ESTAcademia
"There is an interesting discussion in the geeky world of academic finance literature between the intellectual muscle at AQR and academia."
More Academia: High failure rates
Watch prices and the industrial revolution

Mansion owners who plead poverty
09/27/15   12:26 PM ESTGovernment
"The tax unfairness caused by the growing phenomenon of mansion owners alleging poverty can be traced largely to Canada failing to catch trans-national migrants who refuse to report their total global income at tax times."
More Government: OPEC of maple syrup
Wishful thinking

What's in it for your adviser?
09/20/15   8:04 PM ESTStingy Investing
"If you stick to a fairly conservative mix of Canadian bonds - like that offered by the Vanguard Aggregate Bond ETF - you'll likely get similar yields on a before-fee basis. Thing is, the average annual fee for the portfolio I was looking at was 2.1 per cent. Subtract the fee from the expected yield of 1.9 per cent and the investor might expect to lose about 0.6 per cent annually on the bonds. That's not much of an investment." [$]
More Stingy Investing: The state of Canadian dividend stocks
Three years of Strategy Lab

09/20/15   5:55 PM ESTRetirement
"One of the most intriguing facets of last week's leaders. debate was the determination with which all candidates steered clear of two issues that directly affect your personal bottom line. Anyone listening to the debate would have no clue that ordinary folks feel at all attached to their tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs) or Old Age Security (OAS)."
More Retirement: How has the 4% rule held up
False assumptions by Ontario pension planners

Buying organic is a waste of money
09/05/15   12:58 PM ESTThrift
"The science available thus far says any additional nutritional benefits from organic produce, compared with conventional, are very small."
More Thrift: Why we hate cheap things
Frugal millionaires

Chou Semi-Annual 2015
09/02/15   11:42 PM ESTValue Investing
"The current conditions make me feel that investors are being set up for heartbreaking disappointment, especially for the unwary."
More Value Investing: A value asset allocation strategy
Why people repeat financial errors

Why we hate cheap things
09/02/15   11:41 PM ESTThrift
"There are two ways to get richer: one is to make more money; and the second is to discover that more of the things we could love are already to hand (thanks to the miracles of the Industrial Revolution). We are, astonishingly, already a good deal richer than we are encouraged to think we are."
More Thrift: Frugal millionaires
Watch for traps on high interest savings

We still have a buck in the till
08/30/15   12:49 PM ESTDebt
"There will be failures among energy producers, and that could include nations. Failures with each will be temporary as debts get worked through/compromised and new management takes over, and high cost supply gets shut down. The question is: who will fail and who won't."
More Debt: Hate debt again
World is right to worry about US debt

Stick to low-fee funds
08/22/15   8:13 PM ESTStingy Investing
"Fund investors improved their market timing according to a recent study But they still underperformed their funds by an average of 0.54 percentage points annually from 2004 through 2014."
More Stingy Investing: Try the hot potato
Buffett's winning wager

OPEC of maple syrup
08/22/15   8:12 PM ESTGovernment
"While Mr. Trepanier studiously avoids calling the organization a cartel, he has described it as the OPEC of maple syrup in the past, referring to the group of oil-producing countries."
More Government: Wishful thinking
How Chicago used financial engineering

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