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THE ROTHERY REPORT for 1 full year. $295 (CAD) + HST

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When you hit the "Buy Now" button, you'll head off to the PayPal website where you'll be asked for your credit card info or PayPal account. Once you pay, you'll be brought back to this website and your order will be confirmed.

We'll then manually activate your account which may take a few days. So, please be patient. Your subscription will start once we activate your account and it will last for a year from that point.

U.S. and International Orders

Our U.S. and International service is entirely electronic/online which increases the timely delivery of the newsletter, speical reports, and updates. Pricing is in Canadian dollars.


We pay the GST (5%) on Canadian orders. We also pay part of the HST (13%) that is applied to residents of NB, NL & NS so that only 8% is added to the total. Our GST number is 877807107.

If you are ordering from a non-Canadian location, you acknowledge that you are not a resident of Canada and that you are exempt from the Canadian goods and services tax (GST). You also agree to notify us should your residency or tax status change. As a result, you won't be charged GST/HST.

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By completing your order, you accept these conditions. We reserve the right to decline subscriptions.


If you have any inquiries please contact

Norm Rothery, CFA, PHD
16 Queen's Drive
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
GST #877807107

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