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 09/17   The Stingy News Weekly: September 17, 2017 
 09/17   Value in the value factor 
 09/17   Value investing is difficult 
 09/17   The data mine 
 09/17   Low-P/E value 
 09/17   Finding takeover candidates 
 09/11   The Stingy News Weekly: September 11, 2017 

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The Stingy News Weekly: September 17, 2017
09/17/17 3:58 PM ESTSNW
This week we have low P/E value, a data mine, value factors, and more.
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Value in the value factor
09/17/17 3:04 PM ESTValue Investing
"Value and Size are cheap while Low Volatility and Growth are expensive"
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Finding takeover candidates

Value investing is difficult
09/17/17 2:54 PM ESTValue Investing
"Whilst in its basic form a value approach may be considered elementary compared to other investment styles, it is the most exacting behaviourally; this is a key reason why a long-term premium exists for owning value stocks and why both active managers and fund investors struggle to embrace the discipline."
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Tim's letter

The data mine
09/17/17 2:33 PM ESTMarkets
"The authors take the Compustat universe of data points, and use every variable in the dataset to create over 2 million trading strategies"
More Markets: The front test
ILTB with Meb Faber

Low-P/E value
09/17/17 2:17 PM ESTStingy Investing
"The low-P/E method sported an average annual gain of 18.59 per cent and outperformed the index by a stunning 11.1 percentage points on average annually." [$]
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Dining on value

Finding takeover candidates
09/17/17 2:14 PM ESTValue Investing
"There is no guarantee that stocks trading below net collateral value per share will be subject to a takeover offer or go private, but the numbers make it feasible to buy the company with no money down. That is why they are intriguing candidates for a patient investor."
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Seth returns cash

The Stingy News Weekly: September 11, 2017
09/11/17 9:18 PM ESTSNW
This week we have Seth, Tim, Meb, the cats and dogs, and more.
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Tim's letter
09/11/17 8:10 PM ESTValue Investing
"I realize the general market is relatively expensive and there are many uncertainties. This is reflected in our cash position which represents just under 25% of our net assets at June 30th. Additionally, in August we purchased a modest amount of portfolio insurance in the fashion of 'put options'. The recent sale of our position in Polaris will raise cash to over 35% of net assets giving us both downside protection and the ability to take advantage of investment opportunities."
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Tom Russo on global investing

The front test
09/11/17 8:01 PM ESTMarkets
"The biggest problem for investors is never finding a good backtest. That's the easy part. The hard part is passing the front test by understanding your parameters, filters, and guidelines enough to be able to implement it in the real world and stick with it when it's out of favor."
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Team Ritholtz

Seth returns cash
09/11/17 7:49 PM ESTValue Investing
"Value investors seek stocks that they believe are undervalued by the market. A more than eight-year bull market has made stocks expense on a number of historical measures, leaving fewer bargains to be found."
More Value Investing: Tom Russo on global investing
Buying moats

The return of the cats and dogs
09/11/17 7:46 PM ESTStingy Investing
"The Safer Canadian Dogs and Climbing Cats are back after their brief summer vacation and are raring to go."
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The time travelling manager

ILTB with Meb Faber
09/11/17 7:41 PM ESTMarkets
"Meb is a quantitative researcher whose firm Cambria has been behind many interesting investment strategies that break the Wall Street mold. We talk investing factors, dividends, angel investing, podcasts and more." [audio]
More Markets: Team Ritholtz
Business vs investing

The Stingy News Weekly: September 4, 2017
09/04/17 12:10 PM ESTSNW
This week we have Buffett, Ritholtz, Russo, Chou, 300, demons, and more.
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You are the product
09/04/17 11:49 AM ESTMedia
"The researchers found quite simply that the more people use Facebook, the more unhappy they are. A 1 per cent increase in 'likes' and clicks and status updates was correlated with a 5 to 8 per cent decrease in mental health. In addition, they found that the positive effect of real-world interactions, which enhance well-being, was accurately paralleled by the 'negative associations of Facebook use'. In effect people were swapping real relationships which made them feel good for time on Facebook which made them feel bad."
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Press tactics

A serf on Google's farm
09/03/17 11:54 PM ESTMedia
"Over the last several months we've gotten a few notifications from Google telling us that certain pages of ours were penalized for 'violations' of their ban for hate speech. When we looked at the pages they were talking about they were articles about white supremacist incidents. Most were tied to Dylann Roof's mass murder in Charleston. Now in practice all this meant was that two or three old stories about Dylann Roof could no longer run ads purchased through Google. I'd say it's unlikely that loss to TPM amounted to even a cent a month. Totally meaningless. But here's the catch. The way these warnings work and the way these particular warnings were worded, you get penalized enough times and then you're blacklisted."
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The internet is broken

Rule of 300
09/03/17 11:28 PM ESTRetirement
"Take your monthly expenditure. Multiply it by 300. The result is how much you'll need to have saved to keep living like you do today after you jack in your job."
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3 retirement planning tips

Overcoming your demons
09/03/17 11:13 PM ESTHealth
"About 20% of kids stutter. Most outgrow it by age 5. About 1% still stutter by age 10. A lucky 0.1% stutter into adulthood, with some small fraction of that being chronic enough to affect their daily life. I'm one of them."
More Health: Extend life for a nickel
Health spending and life expectancy

Chou's letter
09/02/17 10:14 PM ESTChou
"we believe pharmaceutical stocks as a group are selling at attractive valuations, in comparison to the free cash flow and earnings they generate. The recent price drops may present one or more attractive long-term investment opportunities"
More Chou: Chou's Annual Letter
Francis Chou profile

Warren Buffett on Harvey
09/02/17 9:51 PM ESTBuffett
"Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway, speaks with CNBC's Becky Quick about Hurricane Harvey, the U.S. economy and his stock holdings." [video]
More Buffett: 3G's wiener
Buffett PBS interview 1

Team Ritholtz
09/02/17 9:43 PM ESTMarkets
"My guests this week don't need to be introduced. In celebration of the one year anniversary of invest like the best, I asked Josh Brown, Mike Batnick, and Barry Ritholtz to join me for an hour" [audio]
More Markets: Business vs investing
Perfect storm

Tom Russo on global investing
08/30/17 5:08 PM ESTValue Investing
"Tom looks for companies with strong cash-flow characteristics, where large amounts of 'free' cash flow are generated. Portfolio companies tend to have strong balance sheets and a history of producing high rates of return on their assets. The challenge comes in finding these obviously desirable situations at reasonable or bargain prices. Tom's investment approach is focused on a small number of industries in which companies have historically proven to be able to generate sustainable amounts of net free cash flow. (These industries typically have included food, beverage, tobacco, and advertising-supported media.)" [audio]
More Value Investing: Buying moats
Investing in floppy disks

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