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Summer Book Draw

A nice editor recently gave me a couple of copies of MoneySense's new "Guide to Buying and Selling Your Home". As a result, it's time for a book draw!

This draw will be a little different because I need some advice. Problem is, I've been tardy renting a cottage this year. Even worse, the nice little cottage in Lion's Head, Ontario that I rented last year is off the market for renovations this summer. Sigh.

As a result, I'm looking for a new place - somewhere in Ontario - for a week or two and would appreciate recommendations.

As an aside, if you want to visit the Lion's Head area, you should consider The Bluffs B&B. Bill and Nancy are lovely hosts. Just tell them that Norm sent you and they'll let you know how to spot the Lion in Lion's Head.

Here's how the book draw will work.

For a chance to win, recommend a summer vacation spot (anywhere in the world) and provide a few sentences saying why it's great. Importantly, the recommendations will be posted after the draw so that everyone can benefit from your suggestions.

To enter: email your summer vacation recommendation to us.

The contest will run until June 21, 2011 and the books will be mailed out shortly thereafter. (There may be a delay depending on the situation at Canada Post.) One book per household/person.

(Additional rules may be added at our discretion should they become necessary. We won't share your name, email address, or in the case of the winners your mailing address, with third parties.)

Have a good summer!

The Results!

I was very pleased that the Summer Book Draw yielded many interesting entries and kind offers. The winners have been notified by email. Many thanks to all those who participated!

As promised, here are the suggestions with very minimal editing and in no particular order. If you're looking for a vacation, check out these great places!

Lyle suggests Wakomata Lake, ON

When growing up my family used to stay at the following resort:
Snowshoe Camp. It isn't for everyone. It is relatively isolated but you will have a huge lake almost to yourself. There is an island in the middle of the lake and in the 60s wolves would be trapped there for the summer and could be heard howling in the distance at night. The resort is now well run by a pleasant family. I returned there a few years ago with my wife and children and we had a great time.

Jerry suggests P.E.I.

The best place for a summer vacation is P.E.I.. If you ever played a golf game P.E.I. is the place to be in the summer. We have over 35 courses and a number of these in the top 10 in Canada. When you fly in be sure to look out the plane window for the most beautiful view of land and sea on this earth.

David suggests Gimli, MB

All the attributes of a world class vacation location. Beautiful sandy beaches on a large lake, down-home cooking at Beach Boy Restaurant where the freshly caught pickerel and greek salad dinner is fabulous, gem of a golf course, sailing club, all kinds of rentals from lakeside hotel to cottages and trailer parks and proud of their Icelandic Heritage.

Mark suggests Thornbury, ON

Long time reader on the website. Look into Thornbury/Meaford area of Georgian Bay.
1. Bugs are NOT bad there. Way worse in the Muskoka
2. You don't have to drive on the 400 to get there - Less traffic when you are there
3. Great Restaurants in Thornbury
4. Cleanest water in all the Great Lakes (easily swim able in July/August and Sept)
5. Many day trip excursions close by ie. golf, Georgian trail, waterfalls, blue mountain, shopping
Book your trip soon. Everyone needs a summer vacation!

Grant suggests Vancouver Island, BC

Vancouver Island is as close to living in Hawaii as we can get while staying in Canada. Where else in Canada do you hear a group of young men standing in the Costco checkout line talk about how they're stocking up for a week of surfing -- in February! The west coast beaches, the weather, the mix of mountains and ocean, the apartness - being far from the busy-ness of Vancouver, but only 10 minutes away by air... all combine to make this a great place to vacation or live. (But only if you don't mind living on an island with the costs and limitations that imposes.)

Allison suggests Ottawa, ON

Hope you find your perfect summer retreat- my suggestion is to head to the National Capital region. You can enjoy the countryside of West Quebec (great boating, fishing, hiking in Gatineau park), small town historical sites (Manotick, Ontario) as well as Ottawa and its culture (there is an exhibit of Caravaggio's paintings on loan from Rome at the National Gallery until September).

Eldon suggests Banff, AB

My favourite summer vacation spot is actually Banff, Alberta during the last two weeks of July. The weather is usually great and there is so much to see and do from hiking, camping, golfing all surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains anywhere.

Craig suggests Laguna Beach, CA

If you like a summer vacation where you never have to worry about the weather I can't think of many better places. Laguna Beach is southern California's premier, seaside destination midway between Los Angeles and San Diego. A year-round retreat for art lovers, nature enthusiasts and beach goers, Laguna Beach features seven miles of soft sand and the sound of the surf.

Carl suggests The Rideau Canal, ON

If you are looking for a change of scenery try southeastern Ontario. Melody Lodge and Marina is particularly suited for anyone with an interest in fishing. Located about 1/2 hour north of Kingston, the laid-back resort is on the Rideau system, allowing boat travel from Ottawa to Kingston. There are several cottages available for rent. This area was discovered years ago by Americans and many of them return year after year.

Art suggests Saipan, CNMI

I have been reading SI for years. Thank you for the satisfaction and pleasure it provides me. Ideally, one would vacation on Saipan when there is 60 cm of snow on the ground in Ontario, but tropical Saipan is a tourist destination year-round. There are many empty beaches and scenic sites.

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