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Stingy Investor Tip Sheet

Dividends with Earnings Please

Big juicy dividends are nice but we like stocks even better when they can back up their dividends with earnings. Today we set out to find Canadian stocks with the highest dividend yields that also earn more than their dividends. Here's what we came up with.

Company				Price	Yield	P/E   Payout
=============================== ======  =====   ====  ======
Russel Metals (RUS)		$25.60	 7.0%	10.0	71%
Bank of Montreal (BMO)		$47.82	 5.9%	13.2	77%
Canaccord Capital (CCI)		 $8.50	 5.9%	12.3	72%
Trinidad Drilling (TDG)		$10.50	 5.7%	12.1	69%
Husky Energy (HSE)		$39.43	 5.1%	 8.2	42%
Reitmans (Canada) (RET)		$15.00	 4.8%	 9.0	43%
TELUS Corp. (T.A)		$38.50	 4.7%	 9.2	43%
Source:, Sept 9, 2008

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09/09/2008   5:30 PM EST   Permlink   save & shareDividends

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