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Value Ratio Approach
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Graham's Approach
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  Low P/S DJIA

Stingy Investor Tip Sheet


I'm currently updating my list of stocks in the S&P500 that sport low P/E and low P/B ratios for the summer issue of MoneySense magazine. You can read all about the method in last year's article called beating the bushes for mini-bears.

But, in a nut shell, the method first selects the 20% of stocks in the S&P500 with the lowest P/Es and then further narrows the list by picking the 20% with the lowest P/Bs.

However, you can do it the other way around too. That is, start with the 20% of stocks in the S&P500 with the lowest P/B ratios and then pick the 20% of those with the lowest P/E ratios.

It is the second method that I've employed here and you can look through the U.S. stocks in the S&P500 that pass the test below.

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5/26/2011   3:50 PM EST   Permlink   save & shareValue Investing

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