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 08/19   The Stingy News Weekly: August 19, 2019 
 08/19   Buffett is buying banks 
 08/19   Recession probability 
 08/19   Advantage flywheels 
 08/19   Mind the Gap 2019 
 08/19   How painful can factor investing get? 
 08/19   Lyme disease is baffling 
 08/12   The Stingy News Weekly: August 12, 2019 

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The Stingy News Weekly: August 19, 2019
08/19/19 :7:53 PM ESTSNW
This week we have the behaviour gap, recessions, Buffett's banks, and more.
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Buffett is buying banks
08/19/19 7:34 PM ESTBuffett
"Warren E. Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has been building its position in banks over the past year. It is now among the five biggest shareholders in Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, U.S. Bancorp and Bank of New York and owns big stakes in others. Its latest disclosure of its holdings showed that the firm had added to its positions in some of those companies in the second quarter."
More Buffett: Berkshire Hathaway AGM
Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and Bill Gates

Recession probability
08/19/19 7:26 PM ESTMarkets
"If the rest of August is like the first half, then the probability of recession in August 2020 is 47%."
More Markets: Low vol rises
200 years of safe withdrawal rates

Advantage flywheels
08/19/19 7:22 PM ESTMoats
"In systems thinking, reinforcing feedback loops are almost always slowed by a balancing loop attached to it. Growth doesn't continue unchecked, and flywheels always run into friction. Some of these limiting factors are overcome, others are so strong they stop or reverse the entire growth engine."

Mind the Gap 2019
08/19/19 5:31 PM ESTFunds
"On the one hand, allocation funds produced a positive gap of 0.22% on annualized returns of 5.54%. A positive gap means a majority of the money going in was well-timed. The reasons are instructive about what works best for investors."
More Funds: 2018 Morningstar fee study
OSAM Q1 letter

How painful can factor investing get?
08/19/19 5:19 PM ESTValue Investing
More Value Investing: Fraud spotting
Vol can be improved

Lyme disease is baffling
08/19/19 5:15 PM ESTHealth
"We now have not only a plausible explanation but also a potential solution for patients who suffer from persistent Lyme-disease symptoms despite standard single-antibiotic treatment"
More Health: Home kidney dialysis
When the body attacks the mind

The Stingy News Weekly: August 12, 2019
08/12/19 :8:24 PM ESTSNW
This week we have rebalancing, low vol, bankruptcy, BBQ, and more.
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Sludgy advice
08/12/19 5:38 PM ESTStingy Investing
"Investors should be mindful that the application of behavioural technology can be used for both good and ill. Conscientious advisers will use it to help their clients, while others will use it on their clients to their detriment." [$]
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Dividends plus low vol

LBOs go bankrupt more often
08/12/19 5:35 PM ESTBonds
"Healthy companies acquired by private equity firms through leveraged buyouts see their probability of defaulting on loans increase ten-fold, new research shows."
More Bonds: Sovereign bonds since Waterloo
A bad bond idea

Finance books in one sentence
08/12/19 5:33 PM ESTBooks
"Give yourself a margin of safety because Mr. Market can be insane."
More Books: The Next Millionaire Next Door
5 books I loved in 2018

Low vol rises
08/12/19 5:25 PM ESTMarkets
"In this short research note, we will investigate if the Low Volatility factor has changed structurally over the last 30 years as its status changed from obscurity to a common staple in investment portfolios."
More Markets: 200 years of safe withdrawal rates
Opposite of conventional wisdom

Portfolio rebalancing
08/12/19 5:22 PM ESTHallett
"Our analysis suggests that rebalancing every 2-3 years on average (over time) is likely to be sufficient. Accordingly, a rebalancing method that involves frequent monitoring but infrequent action should nicely balance the goal of controlling risk exposure with capturing the benefits of momentum."
More Hallett: DSCs should be banned
Send your wealth up in smoke

How much it costs to make BBQ
08/12/19 5:21 PM ESTPricing
"This balancing act plays out on menu at Adamson Barbecue in Leaside, where the smoked brisket takes 24 hours to make and sells for $30 per pound - of which only $2.14 is profit."
More Pricing: Unbelievable bargains
Why one size doesn't fit all

The Stingy News Weekly: July 31, 2019
07/31/19 :7:52 PM ESTSNW
This week we have innovation, withdrawal rates, age, and more.
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Fraud spotting
07/31/19 7:37 PM ESTValue Investing
"The portfolio manager's smile and relaxed posture immediately disappeared. With a furrowed brow he asked me to confirm: in Florida? Yes, in Florida. Why, was that a particularly poor state to purchase a house in?"
More Value Investing: Vol can be improved
Tobias Carlisle talks to Tim Melvin

200 years of safe withdrawal rates
07/31/19 6:27 PM ESTMarkets
"200 years of Safe Withdrawal Rates in one chart!? Is that interesting, or what?"
More Markets: Opposite of conventional wisdom
Bill Gurley interview

Vol can be improved
07/31/19 6:14 PM ESTValue Investing
"Not all low-volatility stocks outperform. Those that are expensive relative to their profitability actually underperform the market."
More Value Investing: Tobias Carlisle talks to Tim Melvin
Value investing and concentration

Age vs success
07/31/19 6:11 PM ESTScience
"Backed by mathematical analysis, network theorist Albert-Laszlo Barabasi explores the hidden mechanisms that drive success - no matter your field - and uncovers an intriguing connection between your age and your chance of making it big." [video]
More Science: Scant evidence of power laws in real-world networks
Undead theories

Mispriced innovation
07/31/19 6:05 PM ESTTech
"quantitative measures of innovation have the potential to identify mispriced growth opportunities in the market; supporting the notion that innovation is tied to future economic value."
More Tech: The rise of the robots
The garage self-driving car

Inflexible spending rules
07/31/19 5:52 PM ESTRetirement
"Moving from a rule-of-thumb to a dynamic model is like moving from analog to digital. While we may pine for the simplicity of the good old days, the fact is today we have much better tools to get the job done."
More Retirement: Cash reserve strategies don't work
Retirement plans

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