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 01/22   The Stingy News Weekly: January 22, 2023 
 01/22   Rich income 
 01/17   The easy way to returns 
 01/17   The smaller stable dividend portfolio 
 01/17   Price-to-fantasy ratio 
 01/17   Asset Mixer Update 
 01/17   Periodic Table Update 
 01/15   The Stingy News Weekly: January 15, 2023 

Most Recent Stingy News

The Stingy News Weekly: January 22, 2023
01/22/23 6:55 PM ESTSNW
This week we have dividends, low fees, periodic mixing, and more.
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The Stingy News Weekly: January 8, 2023

Rich income
01/22/23 5:35 PM ESTThrift
"if you're interested in understanding how your income compares to others in the U.S. (and whether that makes you rich), then you've come to the right place. So, how much income do you need to be rich? Let's find out."
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New rules for success

The easy way to returns
01/17/23 2:18 PM ESTStingy Investing
"Slashing fees is an easy, and practical, way to boost long-term returns and it explains the popularity of low-fee funds and very low-fee index funds in particular."
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Asset Mixer Update

The smaller stable dividend portfolio
01/17/23 2:17 PM ESTStingy Investing
"I used a combined injection of low-volatility and dividends on large stocks to form the Stable Dividend portfolio. This time around I'm using a similar approach to inoculate smaller stocks to form the, imaginatively named, Smaller Stable Dividend portfolio."
More Stingy Investing: Asset Mixer Update
Periodic Table Update

Price-to-fantasy ratio
01/17/23 1:58 PM ESTMarkets
"If reported earnings next year merely match the likely final 2022 level of $181, then the current price-to-forward earnings (P/F) ratio is 21. In 2023, if earnings tumble just 20% from 2022 levels, then the correct current P/F ratio is 26, hardly a bargain."
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A disaster for Tesla

Asset Mixer Update
01/17/23 12:54 PM ESTStingy Investing
We've updated our Asset Mixer to include real data for 2022.
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Asset Mixer Update

Periodic Table Update
01/17/23 12:53 PM ESTStingy Investing
We've updated our periodic table of annual returns for Canadians to include real data for 2022.
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Periodic Table Update

The Stingy News Weekly: January 15, 2023
01/15/23 9:34 PM ESTSNW
This week we have Cliff, interviews, bacon, and more.
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Cliff Asness interview
01/15/23 8:56 PM ESTAsness
"Cliff joins the show to discuss FTX, AMC, why hedge funds aren't hedging, the role of index funds and a whole lot more."
More Asness: Clifford Asness talks value
Quant Cassandra

A place to start
01/15/23 8:29 PM ESTRetirement
"The 4% rule may be making a comeback. But it's just a starting point - and you shouldn't necessarily follow it precisely."
More Retirement: It is not a bad time to retire
Going the distance

Job interview nightmare
01/15/23 8:32 PM ESTManagement
"Companies are seemingly coming up with new, higher, and harder hoops to jump through at every turn. That translates to endless rounds of interviews, various arbitrary tests, and complex exercises and presentations that entail hours of work and prep. There can be good reasons for firms to do this - they really want to make sure they get the right person, and they're trying to reduce biases - but it's hard not to feel like it can just be too much."
More Management: The Cheesecake Factory marvel
CFO age and financial misreporting

Uncorrelated assets
01/15/23 8:28 PM EST:Asness
"Recently, Dimensional Fund Advisors wrote critically on 'liquid alts.' They make some good points, but they also draw some odd conclusions that if applied more generally would not be to their (or our) liking. Besides discussing their piece, below I take this opportunity to review the general rationale behind holding uncorrelated assets (in particular, equity 'factors' held in a long-short manner)."

Spending money
01/15/23 8:11 PM ESTThrift
"How people invest their money tends to be hidden from view. But how they spend is far more visible, so what it shows about who you are can be even more insightful."
More Thrift: New rules for success
Save enough

Crispy bacon
01/15/23 7:09 PM ESTFunds
"Being wedded to a benchmark by relative return fears, career risk, and investment mandates, in our opinion, practically guarantees a highly correlated and ordinary outcome. If the objective is to achieve higher returns with less risk, we do not believe looking like everyone else, or serving soggy bacon, is the answer. Bacon, in our opinion, should be served crispy."
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Performance benchmarks

The Stingy News Weekly: January 8, 2023
01/08/23 8:59 PM ESTSNW
This week we have the asset mixer, periodic table for Canadians, recessions, bonds, and more.
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Harvey vs the spread
01/08/23 6:19 PM ESTMarkets
"The spread, which Harvey's work is based on, has been consistently inverted since mid November and hovered Wednesday at around minus 82 basis points. Despite the curve being inverted for the ninth time since 1968, Harvey said it's probably not a harbinger for a recession."
More Markets: A disaster for Tesla
Take your losses

Trading a 2s10s inversion
01/08/23 4:16 PM ESTBonds
"We have discussed why the yield curve inversion is important to investors while showing that such an event, despite not offering an immediate boon for bond investors, does support both intermediate and long-term forward return outperformance. Further, we have also demonstrated that bond price returns following the peak of a yield curve inversion tend to produce above average forward-looking returns across all time horizons."
More Bonds: Farewell, TINA
Losing with bonds

Volatility laundering
01/08/23 4:03 PM ESTFunds
"Given the massive popularity of private investing today, it may very well be true that, as a great man once almost said, 'Never have so many paid so much to so few for the privilege of being told so little.'"
More Funds: Performance benchmarks
The survival game

The bubble has not popped
01/08/23 4:01 PM ESTValue Investing
"Value spread at 94th percentile"
More Value Investing: Vincent Daniel and Porter Collins interview
Order 66

A disaster for Tesla
01/08/23 3:59 PM ESTMarkets
"On this metric, Tesla still has a similar enterprise value to many of these automakers combined even after falling so sharply in 2022, despite being utterly unjustified by current fundamentals."
More Markets: Take your losses
Rational rebalancing

Asset Mixer Update
01/03/23 12:54 PM ESTStingy Investing
We've updated our Asset Mixer to include nominal data for 2022.
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The Globe 250 Method

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