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 06/26   The Stingy News Weekly: June 26, 2019 
 06/26   The Frugal Dividend portfolio 
 06/26   Tattersall on Canadian buybacks 
 06/26   On the value factor 
 06/26   Tobias Carlisle talks to Dan Rasmussen 
 06/26   O'Shaughnessy talks to Livermore 
 06/26   When the body attacks the mind 
 06/21   The Stingy News Weekly: June 21, 2019 

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The Stingy News Weekly: June 26, 2019
06/26/19 :8:27 PM ESTSNW
This week we have value investing, dividend investing, buybacks, metal illness, and more.
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The Frugal Dividend portfolio
06/26/19 8:17 PM ESTStingy Investing
"Mixing a gin and tonic yields a satisfying summer drink. Combining investment ingredients can provide sunny returns. In that spirit, I'd like to introduce the Frugal Dividend portfolio. It adds a value investing twist to the Stable Dividend portfolio. The idea is to seek out low-volatility dividend stocks that trade at reasonable prices because the combination has worked well over the past 25 years." [$]
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Two returning megastar stocks

Tattersall on Canadian buybacks
06/26/19 8:24 PM ESTMarkets
"A similar situation has developed in the United States in spite of huge buybacks in that market. The S&P Buyback Index has outpaced the broad S&P 500 Index by more than five percentage points a year over the past 10 years, but all of this occurred during the first five years. For the year to date and the latest one and five years, it has marginally trailed the 500 index."
More Markets: O'Shaughnessy talks to Livermore
Beat online bookmakers

On the value factor
06/26/19 8:04 PM ESTValue Investing
"Given that the performance of the Value factor is similar across stock markets and asset classes, indicates one common driver that is likely related to market structure. Our research suggests that it is mainly risk sentiment that is driving the performance of the Value factor, although that framework requires further validation."
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Curious Chuck Akre

Tobias Carlisle talks to Dan Rasmussen
06/26/19 7:43 PM ESTValue Investing
"Verdad's Founder and Portfolio Manager Dan Rasmussen talks about his replication of private equity investing in the public markets using undervalued, levered, small-cap stocks." [audio]
More Value Investing: Curious Chuck Akre
Tobias Carlisle talks to Peter Rabover

O'Shaughnessy talks to Livermore
06/26/19 7:41 PM ESTMarkets
"This week I have a very special guest years in the making. Like another favorite episode, with anonymous guest Modest Proposal, this conversation is with one of the stars of the financial twitter universe who writes anonymously and goes by the pseudonym Jesse Livermore." [audio]
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Volatility targeting

When the body attacks the mind
06/26/19 8:14 PM ESTHealth
"The idea that madness might have a discrete, biological cause - that it isn't just in your head - stretches back at least to the late 19th century, when Europe's asylums were full of delusional and demented patients suffering from neurosyphilis, a late-stage complication of the venereal disease."
More Health: What happens when your brain explodes
Atul Gawande interview

The Stingy News Weekly: June 21, 2019
06/21/19 :10:59 PM ESTSNW
This week we have the curious, death, of value investing, and more.
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Curious Chuck Akre
06/21/19 10:46 PM ESTValue Investing
"My guest today is Chuck Akre, a now widely famous investor who founded Akre Capital Management in 1989, which now manages approximately $10B dollars. We discuss his investing style and his 'three-legged stool' for evaluating companies. Please enjoy this great conversation." [audio]
More Value Investing: Tobias Carlisle talks to Peter Rabover
What works

Why the American shoe disappeared
06/21/19 10:42 PM ESTEconomics
"There's really very little commercial reason for why you would make footwear in the U.S. today." [audio]
More Economics: The economy killed millennials
Minimum wage backlash

Be Bach, not Darwin
06/21/19 10:40 PM ESTBehaviour
"A study published in the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology in 2003, which charted the life satisfaction of former Olympic athletes, found that they generally struggled with a low sense of personal control when they first stopped competing."
More Behaviour: Stay in the game
Becoming wise to your nudge

Tobias Carlisle talks to Peter Rabover
06/21/19 9:21 PM ESTValue Investing
"Peter "Russian Bear" Rabover, CFA is the Managing Director at Artko Capital based in San Carlos, California." [video]
More Value Investing: What works
Is value overcrowded?

Beat online bookmakers
06/21/19 9:20 PM ESTMarkets
"A team of researchers found a way to make money legally from online bookies. But then their troubles began."
More Markets: Volatility targeting
10 times sales

Stay in the game
06/21/19 9:17 PM ESTBehaviour
"His anxiety set in, and his depression set in. At the darkest point, he almost called it. And there was nothing we could do about it. Even if we weren't 5,000 miles away there was nothing we could do about it. But, for some reason, he decided not to. Max decided to stay in the game."
More Behaviour: Becoming wise to your nudge
The million dollar question

Cash reserve strategies don't work
06/21/19 9:15 PM ESTRetirement
"Cash reserve strategies that hold aside several years of spending to avoid liquidations during bear markets are a popular way to manage withdrawals for retirees. In theory, the strategy is presumed to enhance risk-adjusted returns by allowing retirees to spend down their cash during market declines and then replenish it after the recovery. Yet recent research in the Journal of Financial Planning reveals that the strategy actually results in more harm than good; while in some scenarios the cash reserves effectively allow the retiree to .time. the market by avoiding an untimely liquidation, more often the retiree simply ends out with less money due to the ongoing return drag of a significant portfolio position in cash."
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Retiring on low income

The Stingy News Weekly: June 15, 2019
06/15/19 :10:02 PM ESTSNW
This week we have value investing, nudging, working, and more.
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Meatless future or vegan delusions?
06/15/19 7:45 PM ESTGrowth Investing
"With my story, which I believe reflects an upbeat story for the company, the value that I obtain for its equity is $3.3 billion, yielding a value per share of about $47. At the end of June 10, when I completed my valuation, the stock price was close to $170, well above my estimated value."
More Growth Investing: Haste makes waste
Identify a growth trap

Becoming wise to your nudge
06/15/19 7:27 PM ESTBehaviour
"Two thirds of the British public (65 percent) interpreted examples of scarcity and social proof claims used by hotel booking websites as sales pressure. Half said they were likely to distrust the company as a result of seeing them (49 percent). Just one in six (16 percent) said they believed the claims."
More Behaviour: The million dollar question
How fake news gets into our minds

What works
06/15/19 6:38 PM ESTValue Investing
"From January 1, 1963, through December 31, 2012, the stocks in the best decile of the value composite earned an average annual compound return of 17.3%, approximately 6.2% better than the All Stocks universe, which earned 11.1% over the same period."
More Value Investing: Is value overcrowded?
Indigo to go private?

Is value overcrowded?
06/15/19 5:57 PM ESTValue Investing
"Summarizing, comparing relative valuations at the end of 2018 to those at the end of 1999, we find that, with the exception of the still-wide gap in the P/B of large growth stocks, the rest of the ratios look similar, with (in terms of P/E) small growth being relatively far more expensive (with a ratio of 6.1versus 5.1) than it was just before the growth bubble burst in 2000."
More Value Investing: Indigo to go private?
Jim O'Shaughnessy talks to Tobias Carlisle

Indigo to go private?
06/15/19 5:55 PM ESTValue Investing
"Minority shareholders will be reluctant to tender at the current depressed price, but by chance we have tangible evidence of what a smart insider thought the stock was worth a year ago. During several weeks in January and February of 2018, Mr. Schwartz reported significant insider purchases of Indigo shares in the $19-to-$20 range."
More Value Investing: Jim O'Shaughnessy talks to Tobias Carlisle
F Score in Australia

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