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 03/28   The Stingy News Weekly: March 28, 2020 
 03/28   Buying during a crisis 
 03/28   How innovation works 
 03/28   Prepare for more weird 
 03/27   Bond ETFs are being dislocated 
 03/27   The hardest part of buy and hold 
 03/27   Buying a bear market 
 03/22   The Stingy News Weekly: March 22, 2020 

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The Stingy News Weekly: March 28, 2020
03/28/20 :1:33 PM ESTSNW
This week we have bear markets, innovation, weirdness, bond ETFs, and more.
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Buying during a crisis
03/28/20 1:26 PM ESTMarkets
"Nevertheless, there is a silver lining for investors who are buyers of equities right now. Every dollar they invest in the current market environment will grow to far more than one invested in months prior, assuming that the market eventually recovers."
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After the fall

How innovation works
03/28/20 1:19 PM ESTTech
"In this interview, Yaron Brook sits down with Matt Ridley to discuss innovation and the bottom up process which 'flourishes in freedom'." [video]
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The rise of the robots

Prepare for more weird
03/28/20 1:16 PM ESTMarkets
"The market going down rapidly is less unusual than it going up rapidly. Typically the speed of down moves is twice as fast as up moves. For the current up moves to be so fast is astounding."
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Good decisions in uncertain times

Bond ETFs are being dislocated
03/27/20 11:01 PM ESTIndexing
"The chart below shows us the dislocation between the AGG and its benchmark. Clearly, things became dislocated on March 10th, 11th, 12th, etc."
More Indexing: 2020 Couch Potato Model Portfolios
Kung Fu fighting

The hardest part of buy and hold
03/27/20 10:19 PM ESTBehaviour
"The hardest part of a buy and hold strategy is that for it to work as expected, you have to do both the buying and the holding when markets are falling too. It's much easier to both buy and hold when markets are going up."
More Behaviour: Why generalists triumph in a specialized world
There is always enough time to panic

Buying a bear market
03/27/20 7:30 PM ESTStingy Investing
"Perhaps most encouragingly, investors who bought at the start of bear markets generally fared well - provided they held on. On average, the market gained 13.3 per cent in the 12 months after moving into bear-market territory and 34.3 per cent over the 24 months from the bear's beginning. Subsequent bull markets usually added a great deal to these gains." [$]
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A more generous strategy

The Stingy News Weekly: March 22, 2020
03/22/20 :7:09 PM ESTSNW
This week we have bear markets, valuations, thrift, and more.
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After the fall
03/22/20 6:35 PM ESTMarkets
"Once stocks fall 20%, long-term returns start to improve with every painful leg lower. This is why it's so important to stay in the game. Nobody ever said you have to have all of your money in stocks, but you can't be all cash either because lower returns today plant the seeds for higher returns tomorrow."
More Markets: Good decisions in uncertain times
Risky returns

Good decisions in uncertain times
03/22/20 6:31 PM ESTMarkets
"Over the full 24-month period, returns remained very strong, with small value earning positive returns in 100% of 24-month periods and having the highest absolute performance of these four categories. Small growth performed the next best, then large value, with large growth being the worst performer."
More Markets: Risky returns
U.S. valuation

Letter from Ernest Buffett
03/22/20 6:26 PM ESTBuffett
"For a good many years your grandfather kept a certain amount of money where he could put his hands on it in very short notice. For a number of years I have made it a point to keep a reserve, should some occasion come up where I would need money quickly, without disturbing the money that I have in my business. There have been a couple occasions when I found it very convenient to go to this fund. Thus, I feel that everyone should have a reserve."
More Buffett: 2 hours of Buffett
Berkshire Hathaway letter

Risky returns
03/22/20 6:15 PM ESTMarkets
"Many investors are experiencing the real downside of stockmarkets for the first time. Suddenly they're no longer placid, happy holiday resorts where riches gently roll to shore simply by waiting. A volcano has erupted and everyone is running around with their hair on fire stealing each other's coconuts and hoarding pineapples."
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The right time to buy

U.S. valuation
03/22/20 6:08 PM ESTMarkets
"median valuations in the US stock market: large, mid, then small cap"
More Markets: The right time to buy
An ill wind

The right time to buy
03/22/20 6:04 PM ESTMarkets
"Our country has experienced World Wars, inflation, deflation, stagflation, financial panics, and everything in between. We have come out of all of these events stronger than ever, and we will do so today. It's going to hurt like hell, but we'll pull through this."
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Money back after a bear market

An ill wind
03/22/20 6:01 PM ESTMarkets
"In other words, if investors see there's a path to health, they'll gladly welcome financial incentives that provide a path to restoring wealth."
More Markets: Money back after a bear market
Who cares what Mr. Market thinks

The Stingy News Weekly: March 15, 2020
03/15/20 :6:37 PM ESTSNW
This week we have a bear bounce, restaurants, oil, retirement, and more.
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Money back after a bear market
03/15/20 6:29 PM ESTMarkets
"So investors could be waiting a while before being made whole from the prior peak. But there is a silver lining here if you look at these numbers a different way. The last column in this table shows the gains necessary to be made whole from these different loss levels"
More Markets: Who cares what Mr. Market thinks
Distorting the market

Assessing the oil shock
03/15/20 6:25 PM ESTWorld
"if we look beyond these short-term jitters, a supply shock like the one we witness at the moment should only be short-lived in nature. Russia will eventually have to fall in line with OPEC quotas at which point, oil prices should rise to the levels we saw last week. In the meantime, the lower oil prices will provide a small benefit to economic growth in developed countries that helps alleviate some of the negative consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic."
More World: What a time to be alive
The best decade in human history

Never retire
03/15/20 5:54 PM ESTRetirement
"If you want to live a satisfying, long life, neuroscientist Daniel Levitin has some advice for you: Stay busy."
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Age-invariant asset allocation

Decline in restaurant traffic
03/15/20 5:53 PM ESTEconomy
"There are some sectors that will be hit hard over the next several months: hotels, airlines, restaurants, movie theaters, sporting events, and convention centers. People will probably avoid these places as part of social distancing."
More Economy: Superstar economy lacks superstars
Declines in hours worked

The downside of UBI
03/15/20 5:51 PM ESTEconomics
"UBI can be a hard sell because it is a koan of fairness, activating one's empathy and rage simultaneously. The income is meant to support people who desperately need it, but also to support wealthy hipsters who just don't feel like working. The one hand clapping begins to feel like a slap."
More Economics: The boomer blockade
Baby boomers took their children's future

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